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我们自豪于为希宾的业主和企业主提供最好的水净化和空调系统. 我们熟悉该地区发生的所有类型的水问题,并为每种情况设计了系统. If you know what you’re after, give us a call and let us know. 如果你不确定, 然后,我们将很乐意来测试你的水,评估情况,找到问题的根源,并一劳永逸地解决它.

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Having problems with hard water? 和矿物质形成?

Softened water feels smoother and doesn’t damage 电器 like hard water.

Does your water taste and/or smell bad?


Are there impurities in your water you want to remove?


Many Complain jdb电子夺宝官方 Chlorine Smell or Taste in 希宾 Water.

水处理厂向JDB电子官网中添加氯,以杀死可能导致人们生病的微生物. Some people are more sensitive to the chlorine smell than others. If you are concerned about the smell or taste of Chlorine, you have many options to choose from for removing it from your water. 从JDB电子官网中去除氯的最好方法是让水通过木炭过滤器. It’s fast and very effective.

Water Softener Systems

Minnesota has some very hard water and extremely high levels of iron. 值得庆幸的是, these water problems don’t pose a health risk, but they do create problems with plumbing, 电器, 衣服, 和玻璃器皿. Which costs you money. 软水器可以软化硬水,帮你节约用水费用, extend the life of your dishwasher, washing machine and other water-based 电器. Soft water also makes your clothing whiter, brighter and less scratchy.

Iron Filtration and Removal Systems

铁过滤系统去除铁,锰和硫从你的水供应. This means no more rotten egg smell or rust stains. 另一个关键的好处是去除沉淀物,这些沉淀物会导致水的味道不好. This provides an excellent benefit to those with well water as well.

Whole House Water Filters & 反渗透

There are all types of unwanted elements that can show up in your water. 这些是专门的产品,为您的家庭水处理系统,提供特定的过滤过程,当您需要比软水器多一点.

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The Groundwater Situation in 希宾

希宾从地下水源——10口深井——为居民提供JDB电子官网. 上一次希宾水测试是在2018年进行的(点击按钮阅读完整报告). 需要注意的是,没有JDB电子官网是完全不受污染的, but it’s important to reduce them to the bare minimum. 他们发现的污染物都没有违反明尼苏达州的健康标准.


希宾 was established by Frank 希宾 in 1893 in St. Louis County, Northern Minnesota. It has a population of over 15,000 people and it’s the home of 灰狗巴士博物馆, 希宾 Historical Society & Museum, Hull Rust Mine View, Paolucci Space Theatre, Bob Dylan Collection & 展览. 在20世纪20年代在这座城市的旧址下发现了铁矿石之后, the whole city moved two miles south. 这次搬迁花费了该市大约1600万美元,耗时多年才完成.


  • 铁范围
  • 灰狗巴士博物馆
  • Hull-Rust Mahoning Mine View
  • 希宾 Historical Society
  • Hell-Rust-Mahoning Open Pit Iron Mine
  • 钢铁侠
  • 凯里湖

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