Say goodbye to nasty water spots and broken appliances with our reliable water softening and filtration systems. 你家里的每个人都可以享受干净、美味的水. 不要让矿物质让你沮丧. jdb电子夺宝官方 us today for a free water test and we’ll show you the best options for improving the water quality in your home or business.


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Minnesota is our home so we understand the water in this area better than anyone else. We’ve handpicked the water softeners and filtration systems we install based on what works best for the particular problems we face in our area. 使用最好的设备, we’ve consistently exceeded our customers’ expectations for over 40 years.


  • 清洁时可节省70%的肥皂和水的使用.
  • 少花些钱在修理电器上,因为有矿物质堆积.
  • 享受洗后柔软明亮的衣服.
  • 直接从水龙头中闻到和品尝水晶般干净的水.
  • Spend less time scrubbing water spots off of sinks, tubs, and appliances.
  • 通过去除水中多余的矿物质,感觉皮肤和头发更柔软.

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What Makes 范围 水 the Best Choice in JDB电子官网 水 Treatment in Minnesota


当我们问人们他们关心什么, 他们经常把家人的健康作为最关心的问题. 有干净的水喝, 做饭, 清洁是我们享受生活标准的必需品. It thrills us to be able to provide our customers with the ability to turn on their faucet and find crystal clean water for everyday use. 健康益处有很多:

  • 健康,柔软的皮肤
  • 闪亮的、强大的头发
  • 饮用不含化学物质的水


洗碗难吗? 你一直在擦杯子上的水渍吗? 你的衣服呢?? 摸起来是不是又硬又粗糙? These are clear signs that the water coming out of your faucet contains an overabundance of minerals. We call this hard water and the cure is getting a water softener system. 安装了正确的系统后,您将拥有:

  • 没有更多的水斑点,水垢,和矿物积聚.
  • 需要维修和更换的电器故障大大减少.
  • 柔软的床单和颜色鲜艳的衣服.
  • 味道不臭的水味道更好!
  • 不用再用双倍的洗涤剂和肥皂来清洁东西.
  • 更少的人打电话给水管工来处理堵塞和受压的管道.


Are you experiencing issues with your water softening or filtration system? 我们为大多数品牌和型号提供服务, so contact us right away to get a technician over to solve your problem. 如果你决定完全更换你的设备, 我们不收您的服务费!

Each of our systems includes a special electronic valve that monitors and controls every function of your water system improving efficiency and reducing water usage as well as energy costs. 我们的水软化剂使用多级盐系统,以捕获污垢, 沉积物, 和碎片, drastically reducing the maintenance requirements compared to typical water softener systems.


水软化剂 范围

请随意浏览一些顶级的软水器 & 过滤系统在我们的目录. 我们所有的系统都是高等级的, durable parts and are installed and serviced by a certified water treatment professional. When you’re ready to find out which water softener system is right for you, 给我们打个电话,约个时间检查你的水.

3 m 100年出世 & 150

The 3M™ 水 Softener is a simple water softener that will treat water as it enters your home, 通过降低水的硬度来帮助保护整个管道系统, 钡, 镭, 铁和锰.

ProMate 6.0 DMT

ProMate 6.0 DMT system contains two chambers allowing for the use of selected media in each chamber to address your problem water issues. This water softening system provides you with proven technology and unmatched performance.

ProMate 6.0滤水器

Designed to remove tastes, odors and dissolved organic chemicals from water supplies. 一个很好的系统可以去除氯, 难闻的味道和气味, 硫磺的气味, 锈渍, 蓝染色, 降低浑浊度和更多…

ProMate Ecomax

The ProMate EcoMax is over 40% more efficient than other water softening systems. 这个系统的设计非常简单和耐用. It has no nuts, bolts, screws or microswitches that could cause problems down the road.

ProMate 1系列

The ProMate 1系列 water softener removes calcium and magnesium hardness minerals leaving the water in your home softer and cleaner. 软水能帮你省钱. This is a great economical water softening system that’s great for families.

ProMate 7.0双槽

ProMate 7.0 TA softens water naturally – resulting in water that’s better for your hair, 皮肤和指甲, 对家用电器要温和一些, 设备和管道. It has a dual tank system which means you will never run out of soft water again.


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