Whole House Water Filters

There are all types of unwanted elements that can show up in your water. 从沉积物和重金属到细菌和砷等毒物, chlorine, and fluoride.

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Home Water Treatment and Filtration Systems


Whole House Reverse Osmosis System

Whole Home Water Filtration System

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What Makes Range Water the Best Choice in Home Water Treatment in Minnesota

Hellenbrand Whole House Reverse Osmosis System

Hellenbrand的HRO4反渗透系统是专为低维护和最小的能源消耗. 完全保护您的家庭不受不必要的污染,并为您的整个家庭提供优质的纯净JDB电子官网. 它是可定制的,以适应任何水质,并可以结合多个系统,以帮助保护膜和延长系统的寿命. 这个系统有一个225加仑的储存罐,一次可以提供最多的水量, and it can come with larger tanks if necessary. 自动浮子开关开启/关闭系统与内建的压力开关,以提供比例的水输送.

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Hellenbrand ProMate 6 Filter

(Carbon/Tannin/Acid Neutralizer)

这个过滤系统有一个独特的混合不同的介质,旨在去除味道, odors and dissolved organic chemicals from water supplies. 不同介质的使用有助于使该系统更适合您的水,并产生更好的流速和更长的介质寿命. 这个高效和经济的系统减少铁和锰化合物从未经处理的水,也减少或去除氯. 酸中和过滤系统使用自我牺牲的介质来提高水中的pH值水平,并可选择填充端口.

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Service and Repair

We service most makes and models! If you notice changes in your water quality, 您的水处理系统是否由我们知识丰富的服务技术人员团队检查过. 从我们走进您的大门的那一刻起,我们就努力为您提供最好的体验.

If you choose to replace your equipment with Range Water within 30 days, there is no charge for the service call, only for parts that were installed. We would be happy to explain your replacement options during a service call.

To schedule service, repair and/or filter changes please call the office at or .

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